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We are humbled by your enthusiasm with which you commissioned us to do the work of searching for a new rector. We were touched by the ceremony and the many well-wishes and offers of help that we received. We are truly touched.

We have been commissioned and charged to look out to the world to find a new rector to invite to Grace. The committee will move with the direction of the Holy Spirit to guide us to a new leader for our congregation. We pray that the spirit also moves those candidates to seek for us. The process of the search could be long, but we are faithful that God will guide our search.

At the same time we search outside our walls for our next rector, we are also embarking on an internal search that will help us develop and fortify our faith. Being able to call the right person to ministry at Grace requires that we articulate the uniqueness of our congregation. The committee has been blessed with the good fortune to have been called to do this work here and now. We are a strong and devoted congregation that will attract excellent candidates that can help us build on this strength.

Calling the right person also demands that we candidly, but gracefully, acknowledge our weaknesses. We ask that you join us in searching deeply to identify the ways that we come short of fully glorifying Jesus and building His beloved
community. We pray to God for the fortitude to forthrightly confront these challenges and for the strength to share openly with one another what is useful to build our faith and strengthen our church.

We need you to engage in this process. Most importantly, please keep the committee in your prayers through this process. We ask God that the Spirit may guide us to the right candidate and the right candidate to us. Almost as importantly, we will need your help on many of the tasks before us. We will be updating our website, meeting with ministries, and gathering data on the
composition of the congregation; all of that happens before we even meet with possible candidates. Please volunteer your time as you are able.

Thank you again for entrusting us with this task. We look forward to hearing more from all of you in the coming days and weeks.

Grace Rector Search Committee