Our Transition

Our Search for a New Rector

Our Parish

A process of self-assessement including a parish-wide survey, small group discussions, virtual town halls, and interviews with ministry participants let us to prayerfully consider our strenghts and challenges as a parish.

Our Strengths

  • Diversity (age, race, ethnicity, longevity at Grace)
  • Strong finances and pledging and the condition of our facilities
  • Motivated and dedicated lay leaders who want to be better
  • Strong music program
  • Children’s presence

Our Challenges

  • We need to foster closer bonds and relationships across demographics in the church
  • We have a challenge and an opportunity to discern God’s will at this time and place, determining how we use our tremendous capacity to bring about God’s kingdom during a tumultuous time in our nation
  • Communication, both internal and to our larger community, is lacking
  • Pastoral care is not as strong and consistent as it could be
  • Adult formation is lacking in depth, consistency, and structure
  • We need to resolve Grace Episcopal Day School’s ongoing financial challenges
0 Typical Sunday Service Attendance
0 Involved in community organizing and social issue advocacy
0 Active ministries

Where we are in the process

The committee is currently conducting first-round interviews of candidates. One took place the last week of January, and two more are scheduled for the first week of February. The committee will consider on a rolling basis which candidates will advance to second-round interviews. If you have any questions, please email the chair, Mike Bader, at mikebader9@gmail.com.

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