Our Transition

Our Search for a New Rector

Our Parish

A process of self-assessement including a parish-wide survey, small group discussions, virtual town halls, and interviews with ministry participants let us to prayerfully consider our strenghts and challenges as a parish.

Our Strengths

  • Diversity (age, race, ethnicity, longevity at Grace)
  • Strong finances and pledging and the condition of our facilities
  • Motivated and dedicated lay leaders who want to be better
  • Strong music program
  • Children’s presence

Our Challenges

  • We need to foster closer bonds and relationships across demographics in the church
  • We have a challenge and an opportunity to discern God’s will at this time and place, determining how we use our tremendous capacity to bring about God’s kingdom during a tumultuous time in our nation
  • Communication, both internal and to our larger community, is lacking
  • Pastoral care is not as strong and consistent as it could be
  • Adult formation is lacking in depth, consistency, and structure
  • We need to resolve Grace Episcopal Day School’s ongoing financial challenges
0 Typical Sunday Service Attendance
0 Involved in community organizing and social issue advocacy
0 Active ministries

Where we are in the process

The Grace Rector Search Committee has posted the position of Rector and are receiving applications. The position will stay online 4-6 weeks. We will interview candidates via Zoom and then invite a smaller number of candidates back for a more in-depth discussion (likely via Zoom given current conditions). We have heard that the parish offers an attractive calling for rectors, and believe that we will attract excellent candidates. Please keep the committee members in your prayers. If you have any questions, please email the chair, Mike Bader, at mikebader9@gmail.com.

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